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Leadership - Communications - Management

Universal Coordinated Time


TEAM IMU Member's Workshop

The Left Links will lead you to your TEAM Member resources. Here you learn, discover & build the THUNDER Video Game.  Here you will access & share files you need to process.  Here you can also connect & communicate with the other development Members on live IRC & Skype chats (text & VoIP).  Please feel free to ask for what you need.

Inside you will find where documents & directives are put forward as interactive dialogs; here you can share art, charts, diagrams & insightful communications.  TEAM iMU creates your home base environment; here you can schedule meetings & interact with management; a place to manage & track projects including your time logging for automatic invoicing.

Global Time Zones


USA - New York

Canada - BC

Together we craft the THUNDER Video Game Series

A place for Artists, Programmers, Composers, Game Developers, Management and Leadership to interact into a bold new project that begins with the THUNDER Throne Wars Video Game.

TEAM iMU THUNDER Video Games Communications, Management & Development Assets

History: TEAM iMU 1.0  made Prince of THUNDER – Throne Wars Online

Current: TEAM iMU 2.0  is funding & developing the THUNDER Throne Wars video game

Global Twitter Updates is a private portal that serves our contracted Members.  To access this site you need to apply HERE to become a Member of TEAM IMU.  There is no cost to you, the process involves a few emails of understanding, followed by a Participation Agreement and Release that acts as a legal binding contract to become a Member.   There is a testing period.   Once approved you become a lifetime Member.  We reserve the right to work with those people who are right for each given project and task at hand.  We encourage you to sign up now

Become a TEAM iMU development Member HERE

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